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    This is our second generation motor design, we use unibell on this motor at the same time we switch to double step shaft. Without the C-Clips on top of the bell will make the motor balance to the next level.  This motor is design to operate under 2S voltage ( 7.4V) 

    These motors come with JST-1.0 plugs installed but also come with a set of Micro JST-1.25's. The BeeBrain Brushless uses Flight controller uses JST-1.0 plugs.

    Note: These motors require a high performance battery such as the Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah HV 1s packs!

    - 0802 Motor Size
    - 14,000kv (Designed for 2s)
    - 1mm double step Shaft
    - Lead wire solder pads
    - JST-1.0 Plugs installed
    - 50mm cable length
    - 2.08 grams each with wire and plug

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Mars Sin
    Very disappointed. Newbeedrone should discontinued this motors!

    I ordered two sets of these Espresso motor and wanted to try them on the Beebrain Brushless V1 board.

    I went through the first set of motor. After two packs of 2S nitronector gold battery flights. The rotor of one motor wobbleed and had been rubbing the surface of the stator. This caused a lot of heat when the rotor turn. The rotor could not turn after the third flight after being armed.

    I replaced the first set with the second set. And I go through three packs of 2S nitronector gold again. Some noise have been heard during the second and third flights. I checked the motors, they were very hot. And all four rotor wobbleed and there were a lot of play between the rotor axles and the axle holes. I tried to fly with another pack of 2S pack, but I could not go through the whole pack of battery because the noisy was so loud. I landed the drone and checked the temperature of the motors, they were extremely hot. I was so disappointed that these motors were not last for 4 packs of battery packs. I really thought that Newbeedrone should send me replacement (give me the 0703 silver instead of 9802 espresso).

    Cody R Smith
    Couldn’t handle being used?

    I had a motor (or two) burn up and stop working after a handful of flights. After some contact with NBD they helped me out with some new motors. I went thru the entire new set within minutes and unfortunately the last motor also fried one of my AiO esc.
    I’m wondering if these motors are “just barely” rated for 2s as I burnt 6 of them before my FC esc fried. I would not recommend these motors to anyone currently.
    If there are limitations they are not mentioned or correctly recommended (weight/prop size etc). Considering I was using NBD 40mm Azi props and a Mosquito frame I was very disappointed.

    Gary B
    extremely disappointed

    These motors are specifically marketed as 2s motors. I replaced some older betafpv 0802 16000kv motors with these. Direct swap all other hardware and frame the same. One motor burnt out after the 4th 2s pack. I replaced that with one of the older motors. A day later, and 2 packs in, a second motor burnt out. I am not flying any differently, the hardware is identical. These are the first motors I have had that actually get too hot to touch. Motor bolts are not touching, there is no friction from anything else....
    I am extremely disappointed to say the least. I do love my cockroach frames and new bee canopy's but I doubt I will pull the trigger on NBD motors in the future.

    Heating problem on 2S

    I was having the back motors heat more than usual on slow indoor flights, but I also had an unbalanced drone, after balancing it and flying outdoors I managed to run packs without overheating the motors
    very good performance and punch, the brown color looks better than I thought with the drone and electronics
    good option for 2S tiny toothpick builds