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    This is our second generation motor design, we use unibell on this motor at the same time we switch to double step shaft. Without the C-Clips on top of the bell will make the motor balance to the next level.  This motor is design to operate under 2S voltage ( 7.4V) 

    These motors come with JST-1.0 plugs installed but also come with a set of Micro JST-1.25's. The BeeBrain Brushless uses Flight controller uses JST-1.0 plugs.

    Note: These motors require a high performance battery such as the Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah HV 1s packs!

    - 0802 Motor Size
    - 14,000kv (Designed for 2s)
    - 1mm double step Shaft
    - Lead wire solder pads
    - JST-1.0 Plugs installed
    - 50mm cable length

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    extremely disappointed

    These motors are specifically marketed as 2s motors. I replaced some older betafpv 0802 16000kv motors with these. Direct swap all other hardware and frame the same. One motor burnt out after the 4th 2s pack. I replaced that with one of the older motors. A day later, and 2 packs in, a second motor burnt out. I am not flying any differently, the hardware is identical. These are the first motors I have had that actually get too hot to touch. Motor bolts are not touching, there is no friction from anything else....
    I am extremely disappointed to say the least. I do love my cockroach frames and new bee canopy's but I doubt I will pull the trigger on NBD motors in the future.

    Heating problem on 2S

    I was having the back motors heat more than usual on slow indoor flights, but I also had an unbalanced drone, after balancing it and flying outdoors I managed to run packs without overheating the motors
    very good performance and punch, the brown color looks better than I thought with the drone and electronics
    good option for 2S tiny toothpick builds

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