A New Cinewhoop Design Philosophy

To date, many ducted cinewhoop frames have been needlessly heavy. Additionally, existing light cinewhoop frames don’t have guarded props for flying around softer targets. Heavy frames leave you with very little room for adaptability to use the frame for your shoots whether it be increased payload capacity or the option for larger batteries. We at NewBeeDrone worked to change that.

The CinemAh Frame - The Most Versatile Cinewhoop Frame

The CinemAh frame is NewBeeDrone’s response to the need for a lighter and more versatile cinewhoop frame to carry a full GoPro. The CinemAh has a unique all-carbon fiber frame structure that allows for easy access to electronics while providing maximum structural strength.

The GoPro Mount (Not Included)

The NewBeeDrone CinemAh cinewhoop TPU GoPro 8 and 9 mounts allow for 4 built-in angles for quick-snap adjustment from 0 deg to 22.5 deg. The capture cam mounts are 2xM2 mounting holes set 20mm apart allowing the community to design any mounting solution for any HD capture cam option. 

Other 3D Printed Accessories (Not Included)

Check out our complete collection of 3D printed accessories for the Cinemah! We've got snap in ducts, lightweight battery straps, and protective duct coverings in addition to action camera mounts.


Electronics Mounting:

  • 2 sets of 1x1inch mounting locations
  • Front 20x20 location has M3 mounting for a flight controller and ESC stack.
  • Rear 20x20 location has M2 mounting for Caddx Vista – with rear antenna mount.
  • Camera mounting – single and double screw camera mounting options.
  • Note: The frame does not fit an air unit.

Motor Mounting: 12mm diameter, 4-hole pattern

  • Suggested Motors: 14xx – 20xx

Propeller size:

  • 3inch or 76mm propeller 


  • 78g with Adjustable GoPro Hero8 mount and motor screws
  • 68g without GoPro Hero 8 mount 
  • Downloadable 3D printed TPU snap-in ducts (x4) weigh 24g total – 6g each duct

Included in the CinemAh Frame Package

  • 1x Set of Carbon Fiber Parts
  • 1x Set of Hardware

Recommended Parts:

If you need 3D prints, get them here! 

3D Printed Parts Files

3D Printed Parts Design by Third party
Caddx Peanut Mount by Jason Suter. Thank you Jason!!

Link to manual.

We have both 4S and 6S tune by using the parts above, this tune is under betaflight firmware 4.2.X. if you are using 4.2.x you can directly copy the text and go to CLI commend to paste. it will auto save to your PID and Filter profile setting. Profile 1 is for 6S setup, Profile 2 is for 4S setup, Please make sure you choose the right PID profile on the setting to match your drone configuration. This PID will also works for any flight controller are under betaflight 4.2.x version, as long as the flight controller is using MPU6000 gyro. The text document I provide below only contain the PID and Filter data for 3 different profile. It will not change any other settings on your flight controller.

Build Video: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mr.Kietisak Yaemklebbua
Good product

thank you for the free gift.

Mitchell Ponton

This is complicated to build. But its so lightweight and you can throw it around like you would an open prop build. Love it

Daniel Piatt
Good idea but fragile!

Like others here, I've enjoyed the drone and its handling/performance capabilities. However, today I was flying and came around the corner of a building and there was a dog that headed for the drone. I avoided him and clipped a small branch in the process. The drone came down and landed in the grass. I went over to flip it over and keep on flying as I've had similar crashes/rough landings. However, this time the frame was snapped in 3 or 4 different places. So now I have to buy a new frame, which is almost 1/4 the cost of a new drone, and spend hours pulling apart and reassembling most of it. I like the concept but it seems a bit fragile for this type of flying.

Carlo gonzalez
The Cinemah is an excellent idea but it needs to be stronger..

I love my cinemah, my build uses emax 2004 motors, dji vista and elrs as RX, the quad is very responsive and It is one on my favorites but the frame needs to be stronger.

The whole build was quite difficult to assemble, it is true what's being mentioned on other reviews, the small nuts make the whole build a huge pain in the bu** but once you are done you wont have to do that again, now in my case I broke my top place, right front duct (which is the reason for my 3 stars review, even though I think it is an excellent idea).

I was testing pos hold (my cinemah uses INAV) and it was hovering at less than 2 feet, by mistake I moved my roll stick and the quad to freak out and crashed upside down over grass and yep it broke...

I was very disappointed because it was only at 2 feet (less that 1 meter) over grass, and now I will have to disassemble the whole thing to replace the top plate, to be honest I'm not even sure I will do because again the whole build is quite a challenge.

I would suggest anyone that has the intention of building this quad to be extra careful and avoid crashing at ALL cost.. the frame wont hold.. granted this is not a bando frame but I wonder what would happen if you crash indoors and hit the floor... which is why I built this drone in the first place.


brett spires
Good quality!

My first experience with newbeedrone
Frame went together surprisingly good for the complex design
Looks awesome!