NewBeeDrone Cockroach V3 Carbon Fiber Motor Base


This is a accessory for Cockroach V3 frame

The cockroach v3 frame can be used with or without the carbon fiber base. When used with the carbon fiber base (weighing around 1g, bringing the total weight with the frame to 3.8g), it exhibits significantly less frame resonance and noise, making it ideal for freestyle and normal flying. 



Size: 65mm 
Material: Carbon Fiber material
Weight: 1g
Motor Mount: Tri-screw lock base with M1.4 hole 


1x Cockroach V3 Frame Carbon fiber base (1g)
14x M1.4 3mm Screws Phillips-head
1x Sheet of EVA motor base foam with sticker (10Pcs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Makes the frame rock solid!!!

Definitely love the carbon fiber motor mount -- makes the V3 frames so much stronger! I feel the V3 frames without the carbon fiber motor mount are a little too flexible, but with the motor mount, the V3 frames seemingly are indestructible! I'm pretty tough on my whoops, and most frames couldn't make it through the first day without cracked ducts. My V3 frames with the motor mount have lasted several days, now, without a single crack!

Chad Pierce

Just the right thing to stiffen up the ultralight frame. Good quality carbon comes with motor screws so no guessing.