DJI O3 AirUnit adapter mount is made by CNC Aluminum, it can dissipate heat from the O3 Airunit at the same time provide a strong mounting solution for the AirUnit. 

Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy 
Mount to air unit: 25.5x25.5
O3 AirUnit mount screw M1.6 X8mm
Mount to Drone frame: 20x20 M2 
Thickness: 3mm

2x CNC Aluminum Parts
5x M1.6 x 8mm Stainless steel screw Philips head

New Batch started from Jan 16 will comes with extra 5x M2-4mm screw, this screw only works with 1mm to 2mm thickness frame bade mount. If you frame base board is thicker than 2mm, please don’t use this screws. This is why we don’t provide the M2 screws in the past. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great looking and easy

Sachin Nagpal

Awesome adapter

works well even in frames with M3 holes

My frame has M3 holes for the 20x20 mounts. I was worried this would not fit given that this adapter has M2 screws. I looked at M2 to M3 hole adapters, washers, etc. But before buying any of those, I just tried the M2 screws to see if they would be too lose in my M3 holes, and the M2 heads are wide enough that the M2 screws fit very securely to my frame. So this adapter secures the O3 receiver very strongly to frames with M3 holes.

Nathan C
Very well made

Very well made, we use a lot of tpu in this hobby and whilst convenient, this is a much nicer way to attach the unit to the frame.

Used with Caddx Avatar Air Unit

I really like the machine quality of this adapter. I knew the screws weren't going to be correct for my application.

If you're using this for the Caddx Avatar Air Unit, you'll need the following to attach it to the VTX:
(4) M1.6 10mm or 12mm screws, depending on how much safety you want at the end of the screw.
(4) M1.6 Nuts (and some Locktite to keep it tite)

If you're like me and you're mounting it to the Apex HD, the Apex HD unit comes with a plastic isolator sheet, (4) isolation grommet things, and 4 black 4mm M2 screws that can be used. The base of the mount is threaded for use with those screws. I'd recommend Locktite there too because the screws don't bite very far into the mount.