Included in the NewBeeDrone Wire Kit is every wire size you need to build a quad! The 14 AWG wires are great for 5" battery leads. The 18 AWG wires can be used for 5" ESC and motor connections or the battery lead of 3" and 4" micros. The 30 AWG wires come in four different colors for signal wires.


  • 14 AWG Red - 2m
  • 14 AWG Black - 2m
  • 18 AWG Red - 5m
  • 18 AWG Black - 5m
  • 30 AWG Red - 10m
  • 30 AWG Black - 10m
  • 30 AWG White - 10m
  • 30 AWG Yellow - 10m

Customer Reviews

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Got Some Wires?

I grabbed these because there was a good assortment of wires needed to build/repair your drones. Always good to have extra wire around, can't recommend it enough.

Dan Sullinger
nice for whoop buillds

wires are always needed on a build

Xplicit fpv
A perfect mix of different sized wires for all kinds of builds

Finally found what I was looking for I got a mix of different sizesubdifferent sizes for different size builds

Keith Trahan
Great Selection

I was debating between this and the Ethix Quad-Builder Cable Set and ultimately decided on the NBD Electrical Wire Kit which seemed to be a slightly better value. Really like the four different colors for signal wires. Overall, very satisfied, just wish there was a better way to store and dispense the wires instead of using resealable plastic bags... a setup like the Ethix kit would make this a no-brainer.

Good quality!

Good quality!