NewBeeDrone & Joshua Bardwell Smart Power Goggle Cable

The NewBeeDrone & Joshua Bardwell Smart Power Goggle Cable is a collaboration product between NewBeeDrone and Joshua Bardwell.

Back in Mid 2021, Joshua Bardwell contacted us and brought up the idea of a smart goggle power cable adaptor. We realized that we could make a device to power a goggle through leftover 4S/6S batteries from quads since even if the battery level is at 30%, it still has enough power to supply the goggle. 

At first, we thought of just making a very simple power module board that takes 2S-6S batteries and connect it with a 5.5x2.1 DC male plug and use a heat shrink to cover it. However, that method seems too unreliable so we decided to put a power indicator LED light and a buzzer to indicate the number of battery cells when you plug in a battery. The aluminum case acts like a shield to protect the hardware while providing heat dissipation for the power module.

Why do we call it the Smart Power Module? Because it can automatically detect input voltage to indicate battery cell and will output voltage based on the battery voltage. If the battery voltage is too low, it will give a low voltage to trigger the "goggle low voltage" warning. 




  • Power input port: XT60
  • Power input support: 3S/4S/6S battery
  • Calbe Length: 1.5 meters/4.92ft
  • LED power indicator light 
  • Buzzer indicator: Beep per cell when battery plugs in. For Example: the module will beep 6 times when a 6S battery is plugged in. 
  • Voltage Output: 6.2V - 8.7V (Based on the battery average cell voltage)
  • Maximum Current: 2Amp

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Joshua Bardwell cable stopped working!

I used mines for about a month and it worked well but i was flying when my goggles an ORQA Version 2 just turned off and only to find out after no power from cable and no beeps or light or anything so i really not sure whats wrong with it now. It was good while lasted just have to purchase a few seeing that it last such short time i guess.

Lukas Jorgensen
Only cable you will ever need

I wish someone had made a cable like this sooner. I would have bought one long ago

Well made but not for DJI V2 goggles

The plug fits too loosely for DJI V2 goggles. Unusable. Bummer.

Joe Daulton
Bardwell Google cord

The cord is a little bit too heavy for my taste, and a little too long, it seems like it works the AC connector at the Google a little too hard when it’s cold out

Idea? 8 Execution? 6

I bought 2 for my DJI Goggles. One goggle DJI V1 has an analog adapter with a secondary location for the power (which plugs in from the top) and the cable works great! The other goggle, again DJI but V2, has no secondary power port, only the stock on the bottom side of the unit. This cable falls out and the goggle shuts off and then reboots sometimes. This loose connection is due to the short travel of the barrel plug, heavy cable (heavy gauge wire, good wrap and ferrite bead). Haven't found a solution yet.
Suit yourself. I won't trust this cable on the stock DJI. Maybe it fits better on other goggles or maybe you can find a mod to the cable or DJI goggle I haven't.