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    Also known as "Bunny Ears." You can now put an Insta360 Go on your Goober Canopy and 75mm Whoop!

    This is just the 3D print parts, you will need 2X M2 6-8mm screw to lock the mount on the goober canopy. 

    You can also print this mount by your own. 

    Recommend Print material: TPU 

    Insta Go Mount on Goober Canopy- Design by Dalton


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Good quality and a nifty mounting solution

    The only issue is that I assumed the Insta360 Go and the Insta360 Go2 cameras would be the same size, but the Go2 is a bit girthier it seems because it doesn't fit into the mount. But otherwise seems like a good print and a good mounting solution for the previous iteration of the Go camera.

    I haven't used it yet

    I haven't used it yet because I need the hardware. Buying a 50 pack of screws is annoying when you're only going to use 2.

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