NewBeeDrone Inertia 5" FPV Frame

Introducing INERTIA FPV Frame, a passion project created by NewBeeDrone to push the boundary of lightweight frame design. This beast strikes a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. We were able to pack all of your favorite features in to this thin and light package. The crazy skinny carbon fiber arms are engineered to minimize air resistance and provide excellent structural rigidity with our special 3-point locking mechanism. The center portion of the body extends outward to further reinforce the arms and give the frame a wide-body look that’s reminiscent of a modified race car. We also ensured outstanding hardware compatibilities by including multiple mounting options for both analog and digital system. The widened front standoffs make it possible to install cameras with any lens size, perfect for the large camera of the new DJI Digital HD system. The extra-strong action camera mounting system allows you to securely carry your favorite recording devices. With its unlimited capabilities, the INERTIA frame will exceeds in all scenarios, whether you are flying cinematic, freestyle, or both.

What's included

- Carbon Fiber Parts:
1x Inertia Top Plate 1.5mm
1x Inertia Mid Plate 2mm (M3 Press nut Installed)
1x Inertia Bottom Plate 2mm
4x Inertia 5 inch Arm 6mm
2x Inertia FPV Cam Side Plate 1.5mm

- Hardware Pack:
7x Inertia M3 7075 Aluminum Standoff 20mm 
3x Inertia M3 7075 Aluminum Standoff 28mm
3x Inertia M2 7075 Aluminum Standoff 20mm 
17x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel 10mm
13x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  8mm
5x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  12mm
5x Inertia M3 High Tensile Carbon Steel  16mm
5x Inertia M2 High Tensile Carbon Steel  8mm
6x Inertia M3 Cone Washer 

-Vista/Link VTX Hardware:
4x M2 Steel Screw 18mm
5x M2 Lock Nut with Nylon Ring
4x M2 Dampening Grommet Small

2x NewBeeDrone Battery Strap Large
5x NewBeeDrone Motor Wire Protector 30x7
5x Zip-tight 2mm x10mm

-3D Printed Parts:
4x Arm Protectors
1x FPV Camera and Crossfire Antenna Mount
1x GPS Mount (Diatone mamba m8 plus GPS Module)
1x Zip-tight Style VTX Antenna Mount

NetWeight: 130g (Not include the gopro Mount and Arm protectors) 

Inertia Frame 3D Printed Part STL File 

Build Video:

Customer Reviews

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Bradley Long
Nearly Perfect 5" frame

This frame is sturdy, can fit nearly everything you'd ever need inside, and weighs close to nothing. It has all modern features that you would want, including O3 support right out of the box. To improve though I think that mounting brackets should be included in box and the top plate should be a bit wider and also thicker


the most durable frame ive flown