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    Infinity AIO is designed to be the board that can last forever. This workhorse is perfect for those looking for a simple solution and strong protections. Double-sided custom aluminum heatsink gives the board a unique look and provides more efficiency in cooling the board. Since the components are not directly exposed like traditional boards, Infinity AIO has more protection against crashes and splashes. 4 Built-in customizable LED’s and plug-and-play connection with DJI FPV Air Unit provide hassle-free setup. 

    Wire Diagram: 


    Soldering Guide:



    • MCU: STM32F722RET6
    • Gyro: MPU6000
    • LED: 4x Betaflight Addressable LED’s
    • Blackbox: 16MB
    • 6-Pin DJI FPV Air Unit Connector
    • Micro USB Connector
    • UART1 - SBUS on DJI Connector (RX only)
    • UART2 - DJI Connector
    • UART3 - Free
    • 4x STM32F0 BLHELI32 ESC MCU
    • 45A + 55A Burst ESC
    • 3-6S Battery Input
    • 9V 2A 18W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
    • 42.5x37mm with 30.5x30.5 Mounting Holes
    • Weight: 21gr. without grommets
    • IMPORTANT: This FC only works with DJI/Caddx HD Systems only


    • 1x Infinity AIO Flight Controller + ESC
    • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 40mm
    • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 100mm
    • 1x Infinity AIO to DJI Air Module Cable 150mm
    • 13x Nylon Lock Nut
    • 5x Steel Screw M3x14
    • 4x Grommets Short 4x Grommets Long
    • 1x 470uf 35v Electrolytic Capacitor
    • 1x XT60 Cable

    Firmware Download: here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Ross peterson

    This thing is crazy... Expensive... But crazy good probably the best aio i have seen

    Igor Labutov
    Can be stronger

    Perfect idea for AIO. Kwad flights great. After the third minor crash one of the pads for XT60 wire broke. I was able to solder the wire to remaining of the pad, but don’t think it will last.

    Brandon Geraci
    Simple solution that reduces points of failure

    First off, George Miller had to of mounted his controller wrong because you can EASYLY access the USB port if you have the USB facing the side. Running the motor wires inside is actually safer for those wires and less likely they will get damage. Not sure why he referred that as a "funky" motor wire layout? Given the layout provided by NBD, the USB should point to the right side of the drone and battery terminal to the left side of the drone. Motors 4/2 face front and 3/1 face the back. THE BATTERY LEADS SHOULD NOT FACE FOWARD...

    Second, This AIO is amazing. Lot of people will argue that if something breaks on this FC/ESC AIO then you have to buy another one, and while that is true my argument is you are less likely to experience a failure with this setup. You completely remove signal to the FC with AIO's like this, that is 4 potential points of failure illuminated from the equation. You remove the ground, 5v, current, and battery voltage from the "4-in-1 or single ESCs". If you typically run a 4-in-1 that is a reduction of 4 points of failure and if you run singles you just reduced it by four grounds and positives to a PDB along with those 4 wires from the PDB to the FC.

    I could go on and on about what AIO's bring to the table but at the end of the day... it is just so dang easy to build and maintain. I run two of these units in my go to DJI freestyle rigs. Just simple.. easy... no messing around with components. KEEP UP THE WORK NBD. Amazing stuff!!!

    Andrew DonnanDonnan
    Big Sexy

    I was lucky enough to catch one of these come across FPV marketplace on Facebook. (New Sealed in box) From the get go this thing is an absolute unit of an AIO. You can just feel the quality in your hands when you pick the lil chonky boy out of the box. Install was simple and straight forward, plugged right up to my air unit without issue. The wiring guide makes it very simple to solder up. (So easy a beginner can do it) My only gripe is that there is only one UART but for the intended build I only wired up X-fire with no GPS. I would recommend that NewBeeDrone posts a photo with the wiring guide to demonstrate how to setup the UARTS/RX in beta flight. (Took me a few tries before I the OSD setup properly). Overall amazing product. I’ve ripped on my drone pretty hard throughout the past week. I look forward to ordering another one when they become available. Thanks NBD!

    Damon Johnson
    Simply Amazing

    It's amazing to see the new breed of all-one FC and ESC handling 6S. I've used mine in a 6S iFlight March R5 build with 1750kv racing motors. The flight controller/esc made the build so easy it felt like cheating. The casing around it makes it feel like a tank and you don't have to worry about solder balls short circuiting your boards if your soldering skills aren't what they should be. As for how it performs, well I didn't notice I was flying an all in one that's for sure. The motors and the blackbox motor traces were smooth with a slightly aggressive tune. I had so much fun with this build I rushed home to charge more batteries (writing this review while I wait).

    Do yourself a favor and give this controller/esc a shot. You won't regret it.