NewBeeDrone Infinity200 V2 ESC

The Infinity200 V2 ESC is now fully covered by an aluminum shield. Building on the first generation Cricket200 ESC, we’ve optimized the layout and power support for the entire system. The new double-sided heatsink/aluminum shield offers improved protection and heat dissipation compared to the single-sided heatsink solution.

Infinity200 V2 ESC Spec:

  • LiPo Power input: 3S-6S
  • ESC Programming: BLHeli32
  • Cont.Current: 55Ax4
  • Burst Current: 65Ax4
  • Weight / Size: 13.0g / 39x29.5x8mm
  • Mounting holes: 20x20mm
  • Signal plug JST1.0 8pin plug with NBD Infinity200FC
  • Solder pad ready for signal and power
  • Heatsink design
  • 8 Layer PCB with 2Oz Copper
  • Smoov performance design by Team NBD


  • 1x Infinity200 v2 4 in 1 ESC BLHeli32 55A
  • 4x Short Grommets & 4x Long Grommets
  • 5x Steel Screw 25mm
  • 13x Nylon Nuts
  • 1x ESC cable 30mm
  • 1x ESC cable 50mm
  • 1x ESC cable 85mm
  • 470uf 35v Electrolytic capacitor

Expected Ship Date: 6/7

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