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    Looking for a drone insurance policy? Look no further! With the all new NewBeeDrone Knock-Off, no longer are you at the mercy of the drone gods. With a simple knock on the non-patented wood slate you can knock-off any bad juju, and keep that drone of yours perfectly protected*.



    Step 1) Write the phrase you always say before you crash on the slate.

    Step 2) Say the phrase on the knockoff out loud. For example #lastpack.

    Step 3) Knock on the wood slate.

    Step 4) Full send knowing your drone is protected by the NewBeeDrone Knock-Off slate. 

    Step 5) Post on all the socials how the NewBeeDrone Knock-Off saved your bacon!


    *Please note the Knock-Off may not always work, but 33.235423% of the time it works 100% of the time.

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