This is NewBeeDrone's first 5inch light weight frame for racing and freestyle. 

Introducing the Turismo Frame. The Turismo Frame is an offering for the ultralight 5inch enthusiast who wants a versatile, ultralight frame to build a locked-in setup with a sturdy roll-cage for the ‘goods’ inside. Pairing this frame with a whoop-size AIO board, then we suggest a build with an analog vtx setup or set it up with the Caddx Vista for that digital HD cruising. If you decide to pair this ultralight frame with a signature NewBeeDrone 20x20 series stacks (Infinity200 or CricketFPV stack) then an analog vtx build is the way to go.

At-A-Glance Frame Breakdown:

  • Motor Layout Type: Stretched-X configuration (longer front-to-back, than side-to-side)
  • Motor-to-Motor: 211mm
  • Cam Mounting: 14x14mm
  • Motor Mounting hole spacing: 4-holes spaced on a 12mm diameter
  • Stack Mounting: Whoop AIO board - 25.4x25.4mm (1x1inch) and 20x20 stack
  • Weight: (with Caddx Vista mount and TPU arm guards)  -  53g

Top Plate x1
Bottom Plate x1
Side Camera Plate x2
Arm left x2
Arm Right  x2
Cross Plate x2
3D Print Part Arm edge protect x4
3D Print Part Vista mount x1

Recommend build: 
1. NewBeeDrone Turismo 5inch Frame
2. NewBeeDrone Flow 2004 motor
3. JHEMCU GHF405 BLHELI_S 35A 3-6S AIO for Racing Toothpick
4. Gemfan 5125 Hurricane Durable 3 Blade 1.5mm
5. Caddx Vista with Nebula nano kit V2

Instruction: Link

3DPrinted part file: Link

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Navarro
Intricate design

The overall design & engineering is very unusual compared most frames. I'm very interested to see how durable it is.

Good, but could be better

I bought the Turismo with the full intent of mounting a 20x20 stack. When it got here I realized I wanted a Mamba, so I set off to convert a $50 frame to fit all my gear. I printed an adapter board and turned the stack so the front actually faces the front (the 45 degree thing really wasn’t my bag)…a bunch of modifying and it turned out great! I just wish that for $50 they’d have included a means of mounting a carbon fiber plate to turn the stack and allow for larger bolt patterns. Also, offer different arm sizes to accommodate larger motor bolt patterns. I had to model and print those too. I wish this review app had the means of adding pics, as I’m not much of a wordsmith. Overall, good…but for price point a few more options would be appreciated.