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    NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar Gold 250mAh 1S HV LiPo Battery

    I had previously bought the Nitro Nectar 300mah and they provide and amazing amount of power and good flight time, about 4.5 minutes on a Mob6. Figured I would try the 250mah and they didn't dissapoint. They are 1 gram lighter and I get 3.5 minutes on a Mob6, plenty for a 2 minutes race and they are lighter. Best 1s you can buy, well worth the $$. Almost all of my whoop friends have converted over to the Nitro Nectar 1s batteries.

    Great Batteries

    Definatly try these out. Great performance lighter weight. Almost same fligjt time as the 300s. Nitro Nector quality!

    Great little lipo battery for sub 20G whoops

    At first I was wondering why these brand new batteries only gave me 3 minutes of flight time? I was comparing when I first started; my slow flying and crashing which gave me 4 minutes of flying time... However I have gotten much faster and the 3 minute flight time was actually great... I am using 25,000kv motors (on all of my 65mm sub 20 gram whoops) which on my other cheaper batteries only gave me 2:30 minutes of flight time... I prefer these 250mAh lipos over the heaver and longer 300mAh lipos... About 1 gram lighter which I can actually feel when I fly... I would recommend these 250mAh nitro nectar gold lipos to any racer/non racer that needs a lighter battery while still providing 3 minutes of flight time... I can't wait to test out the new nitro nectar gold 300mAh lipos for my 75mm whoops, but they are always out of stock like everyone else :-(

    this thing fire yo

    just as good as 300 not gonna lie but lighter

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