Why Use a 45 Degree SMA Connector?

This SMA 45 Degree Connector is useful for pointing antennas on both your quad and goggles upwards.

Omnidirectional antennas actually have a dead zone in the vertical axis, so it is best to keep them vertically oriented during flight and on your goggles. Using a 45 degree connector is perfect, since most quads fly forwards at an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Directional antennas on goggles work best when they are pointed straight forwards and by using a 45 degree connector, you can adjust the upwards angle of your directional antenna by rotating the connector. This way, you can add between 0 and 45 degrees of up tilt on your goggle antenna.

Increase the Lifespan of your Goggles and Vtx Connector

SMA and RPSMA  connectors have a limited lifespan and using an additional connector between your antenna and goggles or Vtx increase their lifespan.

RP-SMA (Male) to SMA (Female)

Use this connector to adapt your male (non-DJI) antennas to your DJI Goggles


Use this connector to extend the life of your DJI Goggles.


  • 1x 45 Degree Connector

Customer Reviews

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Dan Sullinger
These are a must for fatsharks

These are a must for fatshark goggles for patch antenna use.

Roberto Camacho
Not just for goggles

It's great quality but not just for goggles, I'm using it for my 5 in her vtx's antenna connector