RunCam Thumb Mini Action Camera 1080P

Model Runcam Thumb
Resolution 1080P@60FPS
Video Format MP4
Gyro Built-in
Communication Interface Micro USB
Support Micro SD Card Capacity 128G Max
USB Power Input/Terminal Power Supply 5.0V
Power Consumption 280ma@5V
Dimension 52mm*13mm*19mm
Net Weight 9.8g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daniel Navarro
Great for whoops

Great hd cam for whoops, with a custom 3d printed mount.

Victor Cordero
Nice camera

Simple to set up and use. Good video There is sound that can be shut off. Thanks!

Peter E.
Runcam Thumb

Not really into action cams, so this is my 1st ever and I must say, not bad at all.

Rob C
Awesome camera for poors!

Small and light enough to fit in the tightest setup, especially if you have a 3D printer; it takes better video than most vtx built-in dvr. The gyro flow compatibility is a bonus. Could use a little higher bit rate and availability to buy the filters separately, but I'm not complaining for this price.

Andrew Wirth
So far, good

At the moment I kinda think I love this thing. It's so small. I put it on a 17” FPV wing, on a glider that could never carry an action cam, in the cab of a little crawler. The image is good the resolution is fine the stabilization is amazing. As I get better with GyroFlow I like it even more. To be totally fair it is a bare bones little device so if powering it from an external 5v, no screen no bluetooth one button sounds like a headache get that peanut camera instead. Also it doesn’t feel super tough, I’ve had some hard landings so it will take a good shake but I can’t imagine it takes many direct hits. So, love is a strong word but I think at the moment I’ve got a good thing going with this little camera

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