Cherry antennas from RushFPV are optimized for racing FPV drones 
Maximum signal coverage. The 5.6-6 GHz bandwidth covers the entire frequency band, and all channels have almost the same transmission power.
Ideal axial ratio of circular polarization.
Effectively suppresses screen flicker caused by multi-beam interference.
Small and strong.
Optimized design obtained by massive impact tests.
The flexible pipe can withstand angular bends and shocks to avoid damaging the cable.
Between 5650 and 5950 MHz VSWR is below 1.2, which means transmission efficiency up to 98%. It can also help reduce VTX heating.
Quick installation. Antenna clamps have the same size as standard SMA flange connectors. The length of the antenna tube can be shortened according to your needs.
Quality guarantee. Cherry antennas are tuned to the performance of a professional microwave laboratory Rush FPV, and each antenna is checked by a network analyzer before sending from the factory.


Brand: Rush 
Number: Cherry Antenna
Material: PC + ABS
Weight: 10g
Antenna length: 105mm 
Center frequency: 5.8 GHz
Gain: 1.2 Dbi
Bandwidth: 400 MHz (5.6-6.0 GHz)
Compliance: VSWR 1.4max-1.1min (at center frequency)
Axial ratio: about 1.0
Center frequency: 5800 MHz
Efficiency: 98%
Polarization: RHCP, LHCP
Color: red
Connector: SMA


2x Rush Cherry 5.8G 1.2DBi SMA-J Extended Edition antenna

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