NewBeeDrone SavageBee HD O3 Ultra-Light weight BNF - ELRS

Introducing the SavageBee HD O3 – The Pinnacle of Toothpick-Sized Drone Innovation

Elevate your aerial footage with the SavageBee HD O3 Mini Drone, a marvel of engineering that packs the power of a full-sized drone into a nimble 2.5-inch tri-blade propeller framework. Weighing in at a mere 84 grams sans battery, this drone redefines portability without compromising on the quality of your flight experience.

Fly Free, Fly Far Enjoy approximately 3:30 minutes of flight time with a 550mah 2S battery, and extend your explorations to about 5 minutes with a 720mah 2S battery. Opt for the Naked DJI O3 option and witness the scale tilt to an incredible 68 grams, with flight times soaring to 4:30 minutes with a 550mah 2S battery.

Quiet Might Do not let the size deceive you – the SavageBee HD O3 buzzes through the air with a force that rivals 5-inch drones, ensuring a super quiet yet powerful performance. Designed to be discreet, its propellers stay out of your shots, ensuring unobstructed, cinematic quality footage.

Cinematic Mastery in a Snap As the smallest outdoor freestyle cinematic 2.5-inch drone, the SavageBee HD O3 comes equipped with the DJI O3 system, capable of capturing 4k 60fps video complete with rocksteady stabilization. Ready to share content? Directly output your footage, fully primed for editing and social media posting.

Travel-Ready Companion Compact and less demanding in space than its 3-inch or 5-inch counterparts, this drone is your ideal travel buddy. Never miss an opportunity to capture the wonders of your adventures.

Precision Control for Unmatched Stability At the heart of the SavageBee HD O3 lies the NewBeeDrone BeeBrain BL HD G4 Flight Controller, featuring the cutting-edge STM32G474 MCU alongside the reliable MPU6000 Gyro. With double N-MOS rated at 20A for 1-2 power and a built-in NewBeeDrone ELRS2.4G Diversity receiver, your flights are smoother, more stable, and incredibly responsive.

Prepare for takeoff with the SavageBee HD O3 Mini Drone – where size meets power, and creativity knows no bounds.

BeeBrain HD G4 Flight controller Specifications:

  • MCU: STM32G474
  • ESC Firmware: Z-H-40 - Bluejay 0.19.2 48kHz.
  • ESC Specifications: 1 channel 20A ESC
  • Receiver: NBD ExpressLRS 3.0 Diversity (non-SPl)
  • Receiver Antenna: 1x BeeT-Antenna 1x 2.4G receiver antenna
  • Flight Controller Weight:7.4g (including antenna and XT30 Battery connector)
  • Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions :29 x 29 x 7.6 mm
  • Flight Controller Holes: 25.5 x 25.5 mm
  • Battery Input: 1-2S
  • BEC:10V 2A for DJI O3 (under 2S power only)
  • BEC:5V 2A
  • UART1: Free
  • UART2: TX & RX for EXPRESSLRS 3.0 receiver
  • UART3: Free
  • UART4: Free

Drone Specification:


1x SavageBee V1.81 Frame
1x BeeBrain HD G4 Flight Controller ELRS 2.4G
1x DJI O3 VTX system
4x Flow 1202 11420kv
8x Gemfan 2512 Propeller tight fit
1x Receiver (ELRS2.4/DJIO3 PNP) 
2x SavageBee HD O3 Canopy 

Binding and Receiver Setting:
For ELRS2.4G Binding, you will need to power up the drone 3 times to get ELRS receiver into Binding mode. 
If you like to switch to O3 internal receiver, you can change the setting on betaflight, follow video

3D Printed File :Download

Design Credit: SavageBee HD O3 Canopy design by Jason Suter AKA ossumdesigns



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jakub Krchňavý
Tiny drone with some bugs.

It will take some tinkering to make it fully flyable.

There are 3 antennas on board. Why?

O3 air unit stays in low power mode after arming. Why? How to fix it?

It is little too heawy for its size. I think about changing airunit for the lite or ultra version. To save some weight.

I wonder how good it will fly after I'm done with it. But as a Bind and Fly not that great.