SpeedyBee F7 Mini 35A 3-6S 8-bit ESC

SpeedyBee F7 Mini 35A Stack
Tune FC + ESC without a PC for
your 2-4” quads
Wireless full-featured flight controller tuning
Wireless full-featured BLHeli_S ESC tuning
High-performance F7 flight controller CPU
Real 35A BLHeli_S DSHOT600 ESC
Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 BLE chip
Too difficult to access the
USB port on your compact
2-4" quad? Say goodbye!
It's time to say goodbye to this trouble! With this Bluetooth
stack, you don't need to connect your quad to the PC for
FC and even ESC tuning, everything can be done
wirelessly in the SpeedyBee app.
Tune Flight controller
and ESC wirelessly!
Power the quad, connect the SpeedyBee app via
Bluetooth, configure the UART Ports,PID,OSD and
every other settings on this flight controller.Also,
every parameter of the BLHeli_S ESC in this
stack can be set via the app.
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
Change motor directions
With this stack, when you finish your build, connect to the
SpeedyBee app, change the motor directions just in
a few simple steps. Then take off.
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
Support DJI Digital
Video transmitter.
The flight controller has two
independent 9V 2A BEC and
5V 2A BEC, supports various
analog image transmissions
above 5V, and also supports
DJI Air Unit / RunCam Link / Vista.
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
Real 35A ESC, no false labeling!
6-layer 2oz PCB plus optimized circuit design equals stable
and strong current output. The four-channel continuous
140A output can reach 30 seconds.
*Test result comes from SpeedyBee laboratory.
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
M2 or M3? Why not both?
Have you ever experienced that the stack
holes of your frame did not fit the stack
you got? This stack is perfectly compatible
with M2/M3 screws. What’s more,
two sets of M2 and M3 screws +
silicone grommets are included
in the package!
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
SpeedyBee F7 MINI
Wiring Diagram



SpeedyBee F7 MINI
Product Name SpeedyBee 35A BLHeli_S Mini 4-in-1 ESC Specs
Firmware BLHeli_S JH40
Continuous Current 35A * 4
Burst Current 45A(5seconds)
ESC Protocol DSHOT300/600
Power Input 3-6S LiPo
Power Output VBAT
ESC Telemetry Not supported
Current Sensor Support (Scale=250 Offset=-500)
Mounting 20 x 20mm, 3.6mm hole diameter
Dimension 35 * 35 * 5.5mm
Weight 7g

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