Harvested from the deepest jungles in South America, NewBeeDrone has once again kept innovation and quality as a first priority when bringing you these beauties.

Each Tiny Cockroach is lightly built with flattened bodies, allowing them to hide in cracks from predators. The wingspan is usually around 15 cm, although we haven't been able to get ours to fly due to the climate differences. Both males and females bear paired appendages on the last abdominal segment.

Your 99 cents Pledge for each cockroach insures a safe shipping environment to you, and a new chance at life for your Tiny Cockroach. Please help save a Tiny Cockroach today.

Customer Reviews

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Tiny Cockroach

I haven’t had so much laughs. Just leave it around and watch people jump.

Eternal Survivor

The cockroaches are an ancient group, with ancestors originating during the Carboniferous period, some 300-350 million years ago.

Lucio Cunha

Tiny Cockroach has proven that cockroaches can be desirable, combining outstanding performance and high protected package interiors with usable scary range. The Tiny Cockroach leaves room for up to all your items. It does not have Falcon Wing doors, but certainly has wings for all your needs.