A variety of replacement spare carbon fiber plates and hardware for the Ummagawd 2Fiddy frame.

Available Parts

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate
  • Camera Plate
  • Mid Plate
  • 4 Inch Arms (Set of 2)
  • 5 Inch Arms (Set of 2)
  • Hardware Pack
  • Titanium Upgrade Hardware Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Kevin McCarthy
Better quality than the original hardware package!

The 2Fiddy is a great frame. Well designed and super light. At such a light weight, you’d have to run over to damage it.

However, it was no secret that the original hardware was not quite up to snuff on the quality side. I’ve had two standoffs strip out during flight myself. I picked this up because Ummagawd Co. let everyone know the hardware was improved compared to the hardware in the initial shipments. So far, so good. Haven’t had an issue since replacing the problems with this hardware.