Technical Specifications

Wing Span: 1050mm (41.4 inch)

Length:745mm (29.3 inch)

Height:185mm (7.3 inch)

Wing Area: 14d㎡ (217 inch)

Normal Takeoff Weight: 650g (23oz)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1250g (44oz)


Maximum Airspeed: 110KM/H (59kn)

Stall Speed: 25KM/H (13.5kn)

Test Data of 3S 1800 MAH LI-PO Battery:

Maximum Cruise Time: ≥35mins

Maximum Range: ≥25kms

Maximum Load: 600g (21oz)

Key Features


1. Small fuselage with low drag design,increase the battery life;

2. Compatible with DJI O3 and analog image transmission, and there is a reserved action camera installation platform;

3. The fuselage main force structure is made of carbon fiber material, and the strength, life and stability are doubled compared with ordinary wood material;.

4. The customized motor structure makes the thrust line coaxial with the fuselage, the propeller deflection component is "0", and the motor thrust is maximized;

5. The customized designed folding propeller is perfectly matched with the motor, greatly reducing the flight resistance and achieving the best dynamic efficiency;

6. High T flat tail to avoid propeller turbulence, through special design to ensure the efficiency of the tail group;

7. Load wing design, no need to change the power system, the aircraft can be attached to the maximum 600G load to keep flying freely;

8. Quick disassembly and installation, small storage space, matching high-quality hard-shell suitcase, easy to carry and increase the protection of the fuselage;

9. Matching two-color light, night flight is cool and It facilitates visual landing safety;

10. The use of natural decomposition of EPP environmental protection materials, will not cause white pollution to the environment;

Configuration Details


1. Flight Controller (excl.) : MATEK WING(INAV)


2. Servo: 4.3g Digital

3. ESC: Hobbywing Skywalker 20A 2-3S

4. Motor: VCI SPARK 2306-1650KV

5. Propeller: VCI Folding 7530-2

6. Battery (excl.) : 3S Li-PO 1300-2200 mAh

                             3S 18650

7.Camera (excl.) : DJI   HD Camear



Package Contents

(PNP Includes)

1. Fuselage (w/ propeller, motor, ESC) *1

2. Horizontal Stabilizer (w/elevator servo) *1

3. Vertical Stabilizer (w/ rudder servo) *1

4. Left Wing+Right Wing(w/ left aileron servo) *1

5. Accessory Pack (screws, allen wrench, spare battery strap, 3M double sided tape) *1

6. Sticker *1

PNP PACKAGE SIZE: 580*210*190 mm

                                 22.83*8.26*7.48 Inch



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