VIFLY WhoopStor (6 Ports 1S Storage Charger & Discharger)

VIFLY's new 1S whoop battery charger supports both PH2.0 and BT2.0 to keep you in the air no matter which connectors you have.


  • Storage Charger and Discharger with OLED Display
  • 6 Individual Ports, PH2.0 and BT2.0 Compatible
  • Type-C, XT60 and DC Input
  • Regular and HV Battery Supported
  • Heat Sink to Cool the Unit


  • Input connector: XT60, DC(5.5*2.1mm), USB-C(PD3.0, QC2.0, BC1.2)
  • Input voltage range: 7V-21V (XT60 2S-5S Battery, DC), 9V / 12V (USB-C)
  • Max input power: 30W
  • Max charging current: 0.9A/port
  • Battery Connection: PH2.0 & BT2.0
  • Battery type: LiHV 4.35V (±0.05V) / LiPO 4.2V(±0.05V)
  • Storage voltage: 3.85V(±0.05V)
  • Max discharge power: 1W/port
  • Dimensions: 101*49*22mm


  • 1x ViFly WhoopStor 1S Battery Charger

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
John Stubbs

I really like this charger. It's great to see the voltage of all my batteries at once. the storage feature is real handy. I have a $10 charger that works fine but you are always in the dark as to what condition the batteries are in. Buy this!

Jonathan G.
usefull 1s charger

best 1s charger, storage mode is very usefull

Dan Eichacker

VIFLY WhoopStor (6 Ports 1S Storage Charger & Discharger)

Andriy K.
Great charger for whoops. Functinal. Simple to use.

Well this is a great charger for whoops, very functional and simple to use. Highly recommended.

Ted Cichocki
Decent charger but doesn't quite charge to 4.35v for HV. No USB-C/AC Adapter included.

Personally I think this charger is a little over hyped. It's really nice that it has a storage charge feature but the unit does not come with an AC adapter. USB-C only works with an Apple Fast Charger or better but not with many 2A portable battery packs or standard USB-A plugs. It would be nice if they included the proper USB-C adapter or AC Adapter.