GEPRC Tern-LR40 Analog Long Range FPV - TBS Nano RX


In the GEPRC family, we have welcomed a new member: Tern-LR40. This is a 4-inch long range FPV with excellent performance and reliability. It adopts a DC-type structure. Its careful lightweight design uses aviation-grade 7075 aluminum parts. Light and rigid.

Equipped with Taker G4 45A AIO flight control, which has higher computing power redundancy. The use of a top-mounted fixed GPS can avoid the impact of its own electromagnetic interference on flight, and the rescue function is more stable.Silicone camera shock-absorbing pad prevents high-frequency jello from O3 camera.

The Tern-LR40 is like a bird with spread wings, flying freely through the blue sky without being restrained. Choosing it is not only a high-quality flight, but also an artistic journey.


  1. New lightweight design, weight under 249g.
  2. Expand interference GPS fixation method and stay away from interference sources
  3. DC structure cannot see the propellers during flight, which is more suitable for straight-line aerial photography.
  4. Install BB ring to set the battery low voltage alarm
  5. Using GEP-M10nano GPS, the satellite search speed is faster and the rescue mode is more stable.
  6. Compatible gopro mount installation, expandable shooting creation.


  • Model: Tern-LR40
  • Frame: Tern-LR40 frame
  • Top plate: 1.5mm
  • Middle plate: 2.0mm
  • Bottom plate: 1.5mm
  • Arm thickness: 3.5mm
  • FC: Taker G4 45A AIO
  • MCU: STM32G473CEU6
  • Gyro: ICM 42688-P
  • OSD: Betaflight OSD w/AT7456E
  • ESC: 32Bit 45A
  • VTX: RAD mini 1W
  • Camera: Caddx Ratel2
  • Antenna: GEPRC Peano 5.8G RHCP UFL
  • Connector:XT30
  • Motors: GEP-SPEEDX2 1404 3000KV
  • Propellers: HQProp T4X2.5Grey (2CW+2CCW)
  • Tern -LR40 Analog ELRS24 version weight: 159g±5g
  • Receiver: PNP/GEPRC ELRS24/GEPRC ELRS915/TBS Nano RX
  • Recommended battery: LiPo 4S 660mah-850mah/18650 3000mah
  • Flight time: 10-25min


1 x Tern-LR40

2 x HQProp T4X2.5Grey (2CW+2CCW)

2 x battery anti-slip mat

1 x screw pack

4 x  Battery strap M15*170mm

1 x L-shaped screwdriver 1.5mm

1 x  GoPro camera mount holder

1 x T-type Antenna mount

1 x RC Printed

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Phenomenal little quad thats perfect for getting your eyes in the sky and cruising. Thank you guys for the insanely fast shipping like always!