The Goober canopy was made for maximum protection on your BeeBrain Lite board, and looking great with a stream-line stingray inspired shape.

The canopy uses a neck collar that goes around the BeeEye camera and screws into place holding it securely together to hold up to tough impacts and crashes. A front cap covers the top of the camera lens to help make sure front impacts resist hitting your lens, or as we like to call it "the dad hat".

If you broke the neck collar of your Goober Canopy, grab a replacement neck collar.

3D Print Parts:

Insta Go Mount on Goober Canopy- Design by Dalton

PLEASE NOTE: This canopy was designed to fit and work with the BeeEye camera. This is NOT a universal canopy and may not work with other micro FPV cameras. By buying this camera mount, you agree that we cannot guarantee fitment with other cameras. Returns will not be accepted for fitment issues with other cameras.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Jesse H
Doesn’t fit Runcam 3 Nano

I wish I would have known that this canopy doesn’t fit the new Runcam Nano 3. Had to buy another canopy.

Nathan C
Solidly built and great colours

Great product and seems very durable. Very pleased with the quality.

This is a very good product.

I am not a big fan of this canopy until I find out I can build a tiny 360 peanut lifter base on this canopy. Thanks for the design, it makes indoor reel steady cine shot easier and not scarer people.

Chad Pierce

Love this canopy look and durability 100% recommended

Wayne Witter
Great Canopy, works with Runcam Nano 3

I use this with a Runcam Nano 3 (the newer smaller lense version) with no issues. It is also durable and has not broken with my novice flying skills inside my carpetless house. I just wish they would create and include different clamping brackets so that different camera angles could be used.