Hummingbird V3 BNF


Unbelievable performance with unbelievable  value. Best racer whoop just got better again. At $89.99, there is no brushless whoop with this quality in the market. 


Compared to Hummingbird V2, now with built-in VTX. Special X-shaped board with F4 processor, built-in 25mW video transmission, SPI ELRS receiver, and LEDs. Plug-and-play everything. Completely no soldering. Easy fast fixes when parts break.


We found the best ratio between the size of drone and its weight distribution. Extra weight-saving from true all-in-one board. X-shaped board to save un-needed weight at corners. Compared to V2, we saved 1.3 grams. Total weight up to 23.31grams. Up to 4 minutes with Nitro Nectar 300mAh batteries racing at insane fast speed. 


We believe in good chaos in this world. Add a little surprise and color in your life. If you REALLY don't like the color, you can always get replacement and choose a new color when you break the frame with our unlimited frame warranty. 


Designed to be 100% compatible with Nitro Nectar Gold for best performance. Super smooth and longer-lasting flights.


0802 25000kv Motors  - Super high kv for fast speed.  3-blade Azi propellors -  Developed with engineering theory for optimal air-grab and stability. 


Our support team in the United States are here to help. US customers enjoy Unlimited Frame Warranty from our site. For more info, visit here. For other countries, please ask your local store to see if they offer replacement.


Every machine or instruments needs tuning to get optimal performance. Same goes for drones. This bird is all ready to go right out of the box. 



Drone Size: 65mm
Flight Controller: Hummingbird V3 ELRS AIO Flight Controller
Frame: Cockroach65 Brushless Frame Random Color
Motors: Hummingbird 0802 Motor 25000KV  
Propellesr: Azi Tri-Blade 31mm Propeller Random Color
Camera: BeeEye Camera
Canopy: Goober Canopy v1 Random Color
Total Weight of the Drone without battery:

-21.85g (PP Material Cockroach65 frame)

-23.33g (PC Material Cockroach65 frame)

Click here to download Latest Firmware.


 Review Video:

CiottiFPV's extreme deep review lol

Hummingbird V3 ELRS AIO Flight Controller Specs:

MCU: STM32F411
VTX:  25mw with BeeTX 5.8Ghz Antenna
ESC: 12A BLHeliS pre-flashed with Bluejay 0.19.2 Target: O-H-10 48kHz
ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
OSD: NBD7456 Graphical OSD compatible with Betaflight OSD
Receiver: 2.4G Antenna with MHF3 connector
Flight Controller Weight: 4.57g(Include antennas and battery connector) RS 3.23
Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions: 29x29x7.6mm
Flight Controller Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
Battery input: 1S Only
Uart1: free
Uart2: free
Power Plug: Nectar Connector Gold Plated PH2.0 Solid Pin

SPI ELRS3.0 receiver (Binding instruction: power on the drone, push the bind button under the flight controller to get into bind mode. If your remote control is not ELRS3.0 or above version. You will need to update your remote controller ELRS to 3.0 version because betaflight 4.4 will no longer support any lower version of 3.0)
Please read through the SPI base information if you have difficulty with binding

Recommended Batteries:

Nitro Nectar Gold 300 mAh 1S PH2.0 
Nitro Nectar Gold 250 mAh 1S PH2.0


1. NewBeeDrone Github page


What’s included: 

1x Hummingbird V3 ELRS 65 BNF with 25000kv motor


This drone has been carefully crafted using only newbeedrone parts. It is important to note that any use of non-compatible parts from other brands may result in technical difficulties. Additionally, should you choose to modify the drone, it is crucial that you assume full responsibility for any resulting issues. It is not advisable to proceed with modifications without the necessary knowledge and expertise. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safe operation of the drone.

If you mess up the setting? 

The stock firmware comes with all settings, including PID tune data. If you change anything and feel that it does not perform as well as the original settings, you can reset it in Betaflight under the Setup tab to bring it back to the factory default.

Binding procedure:

To bind, connect to USB power or a battery source. Push the bind button on the front bottom of the flight controller to trigger the binding mode. Bind it to your radio controller. (Note: The Hummingbird v3 only supports ELRS 3.0 or a later version. If your remote controller is ELRS 2.5, you will need to update your ELRS TX Module.)

Bind video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Earl Bollinger
Nice little quad

It is a pretty nice little quadcopter. I had no difficulty getting mine bound and setup.

Roberto Camacho
Love it!!!!!

I' e had all of the hummingbirds including the brushed ones and the V3 is best one so far!!!!

Great Quad, but…

Right away, this is the best 65mm Whoop I know. Not even close.

I ordered two, one is more or less stock, just the PEEK motor screws and V3 cockroach. The second is upgraded to 0702 27000kV but will go back because I like the 25000kV more because of smoother throttle response and perfect betaflight tune.

Now the but:
1. On both quads I had to replace the BeeEye for a spare one because both are out of focus.
2. the yellow props were way too loose and very brittle. I lost two on my maiden. Black, blue and red are very tight (too tight for such a fragile prop) but if you get them on without bending them, they will last.
3. why does the quad not come with the lighter frame right away?
4. PH2.0…. You know the drill.

On that price point, even after the frame and PEEK upgrade I can forgive these quality issues. Especially considering the great tune and quality FC and motors. But be sure to order a replacement cam and props right away.

Bad vtx and QC

when i received mine the box and everything was not damaged but when i opened it the canopy was cracked and the VTX did not work when i tried my first battery. I'm alright with the vtx being DOA as all i really wanted was the motors and beeeye camara, But when i reached out to customer service i was blamed for crashing it (even tho i never flew it). beware the QC is total garbage. save your money and buy a Mobula6 from a reputable company like GetFPV for RDQ's. I wasn't going to write a review but after the email i received i don't want anyone else getting scammed.


An absolute pleasure to fly. Handles incredibly well and responds to any input just as I expected.

The only criticism is not of the performance of the drone. Unfortunately, it arrived with damage to the canopy. But I was still able to fly it and make initial observations.