Building on the lessons learned from the V1 and V2 straps the V3 is the best one so far. The straps are now improved with rubbery grips inside the battery holder slot to aid in holding on to those slippery thinner lipos. The overall design is more similar to the original (one plastic) piece slip adjustment design with a 1.5" (38mm) main band with 1" (25mm) side mounting tabs. Coming in our OG Ethix green but now available with Black or White Logo for an updated feel. The side straps have double stitching to prevent the ends from pulling out of the goggle mounts under high tension. Our strap sizing adjustments allow for comfortable fitment for all varieties of head sizes and shapes.

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Kyle Gerik
Ethix Goggle Strap

Everything about it is great but it seems to pop out of my hdo 2s when I stretch it too much. That being said, that’s probably just a fat shark problem.

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Great Upgrade for both Fatshark and DJI HD Goggles

These straps are perfect for the Fatshark types of goggles, and they even work with the DJI HD goggles too but you will need to 3D print 2 little parts to make it work (look up "DJI Digital FPV Goggle Strap Adapter" on thingiverse). The strap is thicker and stronger than the stock Fatshark straps and it a great upgrade for the DJI Goggle because I like having the batter on the side of the googles. The only thing I wish they did is bring back the light brown color. I am not a big fan of the current color scheme.

Talk about missing out.

As a user of the standard FS goggle strap for 6 years. And an avid snowboard goggle wearer for 30 yrs. This was a no brainer. Form factor is second to none. The Ethix goggle strap is win.

Matthew Spalding
Great for DJI goggles after minor mod

Great for swapping onto DJI goggles with minor mods to the strap loops on the goggles. Much more comfortable than the stock DJI or Fatstraps 2" straps made for DJI.

Note that some goggle batteries don't have long enough cables to reach the port if you pull the goggles straight off your face when removing them. You have to hold the connector in with your thumb to keep it from pulling out. The Auline 4800 li ion packs work, but Tattu goggle packs are just barely too short.

A great quality goggle strap

This is a great quality goggle strap that's made of a very pleasing material and fits perfect on the Fatshark HDO2. There is one minor downside with this strap, it's made for people with a small cranium. My bike, ski, and motorcycle helmet are all Medium in size and this strap is adjusted to it's max size and it's still a little more snug than I like.