The CineMah Frame - The Most Versatile Cinewhoop Frame

The CineMah frame is NewBeeDrone’s response to the need for a lighter and more versatile cinewhoop frame for 3 inch and 76 mm propellers. The CineMah has a unique light frame construction that is unique among cinewhoop frames on the market today. The all-carbon fiber frame structure allows for easy access to electronics while providing maximum structural strength. High rigidity and an optimized vibrational signature make for easy filter and PID tuning. 

The TPU GoPro Hero 8 and Hero 9 Mount 

The TPU GoPro 8 and 9 mounts allow for 4 built-in angles for quick-snap adjustment from 0 deg to 22.5 deg. The capture cam mounts are 2xM2 mounting holes set 20mm apart allowing the community to design any mounting solution for any HD capture cam option. 

The Snap In Duct Set

The ducts are designed to snap into the frame without requiring any tools or hardware! Simply lineup the notches in the duct to the vertical frame plates and push in. The props may rub slightly on the duct wall. After some hovering, the touching should clear out. If the prop is heavily rubbing, check your installation before proceeding.

The Man Strap

The man strap is a 3D printed battery strap that secures your battery better than a regular battery strap! When installed tightly, there is absolutely no wiggle.

To install, line up the arm notches with the frame stubs and pull over with the thumb tab. Between flights, leave the arms installed.

Sizing: Use the large Man Strap for 6s batteries about 1000mAh and above. For 4s batteries, use the small Man Strap.

The Duct Nubs

Grab a set of Duct Nubs to prevent scratching walls and other valuables when you crash! These nubs fit over the edges of the ducts and are held on by the frame screws.

Note: If an item is on pre-order, please allow 1-2 days for printing.

Package Includes

  • 1x Set. No hardware is included.

GoPro/Action Camera tab

For the GoPro/Action Camera tab. You will need to get the M4 Hardware or you can get the combo directly from here.

3D Printed Parts Files

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