NewBeeDrone & Joshua Bardwell Smart Power Goggle Cable

The NewBeeDrone & Joshua Bardwell Smart Power Goggle Cable is a collaboration product between NewBeeDrone and Joshua Bardwell.

Back in Mid 2021, Joshua Bardwell contacted us and brought up the idea of a smart goggle power cable adaptor. We realized that we could make a device to power a goggle through leftover 4S/6S batteries from quads since even if the battery level is at 30%, it still has enough power to supply the goggle. 

At first, we thought of just making a very simple power module board that takes 2S-6S batteries and connect it with a 5.5x2.1 DC male plug and use a heat shrink to cover it. However, that method seems too unreliable so we decided to put a power indicator LED light and a buzzer to indicate the number of battery cells when you plug in a battery. The aluminum case acts like a shield to protect the hardware while providing heat dissipation for the power module.

Why do we call it the Smart Power Module? Because it can automatically detect input voltage to indicate battery cell and will output voltage based on the battery voltage. If the battery voltage is too low, it will give a low voltage to trigger the "goggle low voltage" warning. 




  • Power input port: XT60
  • Power input support: 3S/4S/6S battery
  • Calbe Length: 1.5 meters/4.92ft
  • LED power indicator light 
  • Buzzer indicator: Beep per cell when battery plugs in. For Example: the module will beep 6 times when a 6S battery is plugged in. 
  • Voltage Output: 6.2V - 8.7V (Based on the battery average cell voltage)
  • Maximum Current: 2Amp
  • DC 2.1mm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Justin Pepple
Smart cable

Nice to be able to use other batteries in field, but cautious because of the failure, I’ve decided to use only on freestyle type flying where recovery is possible, but I don’t use it over water etc because it can’t be trusted now


After several tries, I have finally given up on this power cord. Using it with a 4s 5200mah pack and Fatshark HDO2 goggles, when I plug into the goggles, the cord shuts down. when I unplug, it beeps the 4 tones (recognizing the 4s pack) and returns to normal. With several plug and unplug cycles, it will eventually work as expected, but at this point, I won't trust it to be reliable. Using this same cord with Walksnail goggles seems to work fine, but I think thats because Walksnail goggles have a push button on/off switch. Use at your own risk.


Bought this as insurance against using 6s voltage on my FS goggles. Kinda cool that you are given the cell count in beeps when plugging in.
One improvement I would suggest is led color change based on pack voltage. LED is always red, and you can't rely on osd

Jim Pratt

Use your lipo flight packs for your goggles… and still get accurate low voltage warning in your goggles!

Endey Zimmerman
JB cable for 8hours

I received JB unit with a malfunction about 8 hours after receiving it it just blownup while connected to my goggle V2 with a 6s pack. They are still investigating what went wrong and they ask for pics im still waiting to get a new one. 15usd is no cheap cable for less then 8 hour