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Premium Controller with Quality Parts and Features
Featuring F7 Processor and 45Amp BLheli32 with NewBeeDrone Smoov-certified hardware design that supports up to 3-6S batteries to provide the best and reliable quality and performance for either freestyle or racing.

Designed to support the DJI Air Unit.
Though DJI Air Unit can only support up to 4S, the Cricket200 Stack can make the DJI Air Unit compatible with 6S batteries by providing a 9V 16W clean power for the DJI Air Unit.

Plug-and-Play. No need to solder tiny wires.*
The Cricket200 Stack includes a bundle of wire to connect the Flight Controller and ESC and the wire to connect the Flight Controller to the DJI Air Unit. 

*Only for full DJI systems. If you use Crossfire, you still need to solder. 

Cricket200 Flight Controller F7 Spec:

  • MPU6000 Gyro
  • STM32F722 216mhz
  • 9V 2A 18W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
  • 5V Camera Power
  • BetaFlight OSD
  • 31.5x27 CB with 20x20 mounting holes, weight: 5.85g
  • UART2 (FREE)
  • UART4 (Free)
  • UART5 (Smart Audio)
  • UART6(Free)
  • Built-in 4 IN 1 ESC socket(including ESC telemetry, External current sensor) JST1.0 8Pin
  • Plug and plug with NBD Infinity200 ESC. Also compatible with most of the ESC on the market.
  • Built-in solder pads for ESC signal output and power
  • Printed layout instructions ON the board - no need for instructions!
  • DJI FPV Air Unit socket (use UART1 and UART6)

Cricket200 ESC Spec:

  • LiPo Power input: 3S-6S
  • ESC Programming: BLHeli32
  • Cont.Current: 45Ax4
  • Burst Current: 55Ax4
  • Weight / Size: 13.0g / 39x29.5x8mm
  • Mounting holes: 20x20mm
  • Signal plug JST1.0 8pin plug with NBD Infinity200FC
  • Solder pad ready for signal and power.
  • Heatsink design
  • 8 Layer PCB with 2Oz Copper
  • Smoov performance design by Team NBD



  • 1x Cricket200 4 in 1 ESC BLHeli32 45A
  • 1x Cricket200 flight controller F7
  • 8x Short Grommets 8x Long Grommets
  • 5x Steel Screw 25mm
  • 13x Nylon Nuts
  • 470uf 35v Electrolytic capacitor
  • 1x Cricket200 FC to Cricket200 ESC cable 30mm
  • 1x Cricket200 FC to Cricket200 ESC cable 50mm
  • 1x Cricket200 FC to Cricket200 ESC cable 85mm
  • 1x Cricket200 FC to DJI Air module cable 70mm

Firmware target name on official Betaflight GUI: NBD_CRICKETF7

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jason lee
Absolute garbage

This is the second time that newbeedrone has gotten me for a stack and it'll be the last. I'm not going to bother with an RMA either. 7 weeks of emails and they sent me back the same garbage last time Superbad customer service.

Vladimir Bueno
NewBeeDrone Cricket200 Stack (ESC+FC)

completely satisfied with this product

javier magdaleno
Super !!

Thanks for the fast shipping

Beyond good!

Very nice combo, easy as cake to setup and smooth as skippy to fly.

F7 stack that works, but lacking features for the price point.

I had an issue with both an ESC and FC from 2 different stacks I got, but NBD took care of me quickly. These are great for DJI builds because of plug and play but there are 3 things I'd change on this stack.
1. It needs a plug for the receiver IMO. If I don't have to solder the air unit then I don't want to solder a 3rd party receiver. Lose the 3rd ground on the plug give me RX1/TX1/G/5V that I can break out for expressLRS. or give me a second plug that I can use so I can avoid soldering on the FC altogether.
2. Give me some blackbox memory. This is the first time in a long time I bought an F7 flight controller with no blackbox memory. at least 8MB so it's easier for me to tune!
I have 2 of these stacks, so I'll be using them for a while. But part of me wishes I got the xrotor 20x20 stack instead.