This is a pack of 4 replacement 3 pin BeeEye Camera connectors made with high-quality flexible Soft PVC 

Material: Soft PVC

To install, simply solder the new connector onto the BeeEye with the same wiring!

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This is a must-have if you want to replace the BeeEye with a different type of camera.

Perfect fit, but check the wiring

They fit perfect in the blv3 aio camera plug. However the pid out/wiring was wrong. So be sure and check that. After a quick repin, all works as it should.

Perfect size for BetaFpv F411 camera plug.

The connector that comes with the Beta85 pro 2 is prone to breaking at the pin (gone through 2 in the last couple months. The wire on the camera seems to be to blame. These are a perfect replacement

James Roth
Perfect size for the Savage Bee FC

These plugs were perfect for what I needed. I spliced one of these onto a Caddx Ant Lite camera to upgrade my Savage Bee and it works perfectly. The plug on the Caddx Ant Lite will not fit into the Savage Bee flight controller, so you'll need this to do a camera upgrade. Would be even better if they used silicon wire, but it does the job.

Jon Vance
Necessary connector for BetaFPV new camera to flight controller quick connection!

Thank God NewBeeDrone uses the same JST0.8 to connect its Beebrain camera to flight controller that BetaFPV uses... BetaFPV uses non-silicon wire sheathing on all of there cheaper cameras and all of them break where they connect to the camera... BetaFPV doesn't carry these important JST0.8 connectors... I had to buy a new camera to get a new connector, not good... NBD uses silicon wire sheathing so they stay flexible and don't break like the hard plastic covering wires do... What surprises me is NBD uses hard plastic on their Beebrain cameras but they don't break like the BetaFPV wires do... They actually look identical but NBD wires don't break and BetaFPV break way too easy... Out of 4 BetaFPV cameras, 3 of them have broken wires where they connect to the camera... Thank you NBD for creating a JST0.8 with silicone sheathing so I can fix what BetaFPV doesn't seem to care about... I would recommend these Replacement JST0.8 & silicone wire sheathing to replace any BetaFPV cameras that is guaranteed to break...

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