DroneAnt-Plus™ for DJI Matrice 30T with RC Plus Controller High Gain Drone Range Extender Octa-Element Omnidirectional/Directional Antenna Set  

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® is the ultimate ultra-high gain, directional/omnidirectional antenna dedicated to drastically extending your DJI Matrice 30T controlled by the DJI RC Plus controller, for drastically increased range, reliability, operational stability, and invulnerability from external interferences.

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® can also be used in mission-critical situations where RF interferences may cause losing control of your DJI Matrice 30T, or simply when your DJI RC Plus operating range is not enough to satisfy your purposes.

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® is splash proof and can therefore be used on boats and under severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, etc. The primary purpose of the DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® is to drastically increase your DJI RC Plus reach, however, the DroneAnt-Plus™ is also recommended to stabilize your DJI Matrice 30T operation because it will provide your Matrice 30T with a very strong and reliable signal at any height, inclination, and operating distance.

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® can be assembled as omni-directional (i.e., four antenna pairs 90 degrees apart from each other), bi-directional (two arbitrary directions as per your needs, with two pairs for each direction), or fully directional (all four pairs in one direction). This flexibility makes the DroneAnt-Plus™ a great investment to assure your DJI Matrice 30T increase distance and operational reliability at all times.

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® is truly compatible with your DJI RC Plus controller, because it supports all of its frequencies and modes of operation, including polarization, bandwidth, and concurrent multi-frequency transceiver bidirectionally, which we carefully verified with DJI. This DroneAnt-Plus™ set is made for the DJI Matrice 30T and DJI RC Plus, so if your drone-controller combination is different, please search our store for the correct combination, or contact us here for assistance.

The DroneAnt-Plus™ by WirEng® comes with WirEng® extended 2-year warranty. Utility and Design Patents pending.

Main Features

  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ replaces the two small DJI RC Plus antennas with eight powerful WirEng® antennas, orientable for omnidirectional, semi-directional, and fully directional radiation patterns, without the need of any controller modification, so the DJI warranty will still be valid.
  • Provided cables (if chosen) will connect directly to the DJI RC Plus controller (via a short strain-relief adapter).
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ will increases the DJI RC Plus reach, obtaining longer distances and increased stability and reliability for controlling the DJI Matrice 30T.
  • All DJI RC Plus controller and Matrice 30T drone bands are supported by careful verification with DJI's technical specifications.
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ will also enhance your DJI Matrice 30T controlled by the DJI RC Plus controller operational reliability and stability.
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ will also possibly save battery power because the  Matrice 30T transceiver won't have to boost its trasmission power to its maximum to reach the DJI RC Plus, thanks for the signal gain that the DroneAnt-Plus™ provides.
  • Each of the eight DroneAnt-Plus™ antennas have stainless steel back shield and stainless steel hardware, and each of the four holding arms are made of marine grade stainless steel.
  • Each DroneAnt-Plus™ element is categorized as semi industrial grade (anti-UV ABS and IP-67 splash-proof).
  • Each DroneAnt-Plus™ element has a 24K gold plated N-Connector on its radome, for added reliability and maximum power transfer.
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ has an extended operating temperature of -25° to +85° C, for use in virtually any possible environment and weather condition.
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ has has a high input/output power of up to 250 W continuous, 350 W peak (more than one hundred times what's usually needed).
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ is strong and durable, and it's intended for use even in difficult situations and environments.
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ has an IP67 rating (protected against dust, strong water jets, and water waves).
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ has a UL94 V-0 flammability rating
  • The DroneAnt-Plus™ has USA and International trademarks current, and utilities and design patents pending.

You can buy from us with confidence, the DroneAnt-Plus™ comes with WirEng®'s extended two-year all-encompassing manufacturer warranty, and we're a WirEng® officially authorized distributor.

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