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    Due to raw material price increases, we have to adjust the retail price for this Crazy Deal package. Since we still have some 2450KV inventory that was purchased before the price increase, we will still keep the 2450KV at $99.99 USD per 8 motors until we run out of this batch. The new adjust price for the crazy deal motor will be $119.99 USD per set of 8. 

    The crazy deal is back!! For only $99.99 you will get 8 of the FLOW series motors in your KV choice. With a 2306.5 size these motors were designed for raw power delivery the instant you demand it. High quality bearings ensure maximum performance, high precision CNC machining make these motors look the part and deliver the performance you come to expect from every NewBeeDrone product.

    These motors were torture tested by the NBD crew on freestyle setups, race setups, long range setups, digital HD setups before earning the NBD stamp of approval!

    Replacement Bells can be found here!


    Watch Joshua Bardwell's endorsement below:


    - N55H Magnet

    - 33.6g w/ wire

    - Titanium Alloy TC4 Shaft

    - NSK / NMB 684ZZ Ball Bearing

    - 0.15mm Silicon Steel Sheets Core

    - 20AWG silicone wire for outgoing wires

    - 7075 Aluminum Alloy


    8x 2306.5 FLOW motor

    8x prop nuts

    40x motor bolts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Jeff C
    Flow 2306.5

    Got them here on my shelf just waiting to swap out the zings on my nazgul5. I think the box these flows came in are stronger than zing shafts, looks and feels like it to me…

    Travis Fraser
    Best Budget motor

    These motors rock, I now have them on 3 of my 5in, and just ordered another 8 for backup (although I have yet to kill a single one)


    R W
    New customer

    Very good deal. Excellent packaging. Can keep unused motors safe. Haven't had a chance to try the motors yet, still building project that they will be used for. But have heard
    good reports from other pilots. Only giving them a 4 because haven't used them yet.

    Ray St.John
    Fantastic Motors

    I love these motors! They’re super responsive, fast, and durable. My only “negative” is the weight, but in practice, I couldn’t feel it. These were just as fast around my home course as racing motors that were twice the price and these were easier to fly.

    Great motors

    Even though they are great, you'll always have some duds. I had one motor blow two coils after maybe 10 standard flights, with maybe a few turtle modes runs. Coils were burnt and loose from the stator wire coil itself.