HAKRC F4530V2 Flight Controller

  HAKRC F4520V2 FC

1. The PCB adopts high-end 6-layer 1oZ thickened copper sheet and adopts high-end resin plug hole PCB production process, with strong anti-interference ability。

2. Adopting industrial grade LDO, resistant to high temperature。

3. Use inline connectors for easy installation and soldering free。

4. The board comes with 4 programmable illusion LED lights, which can freely switch LED lighting effects。

5. Reserve an external LED light strip with a 10V power supply, and customize the remote control channel for light strip switch control。

6. The image transmission power supply can be freely turned on or off by setting a switch channel at the ground station, facilitating ground reference adjustment。

7. Adopting high-quality Murata capacitors from Japan, with strong filtering performance。

8. Eight motor control signal outputs。

9. Equipped with 6P sky terminal seat。

10. RX2 to SBUS。

  FC Specifications:

Size: 36 * 36mm (30.5mm-30.5mm mounting hole)

Packaging size: 64 * 64 * 35mm

Input voltage: 2S-6S Lipo

Net weight of product: 8.5g

Packaging weight: 40g

Flight control parameters:


IMU: ICM42688

OSD: AT7456E

Barometer: integrated

Black box: 16M

BEC: 5V/3A

BEC: 10V/2.5A

LED: Comes with four programmable LED illusion lights

Sensor: built-in current sensor

Firmware version: HAKRCF405V2

Receiver: Frsky/Futaba/Flysky/TBS Crossfire/DSMX: DSM2 receiver

Packing list:

1x F4530V2 Flight controler

4x M3Shock absorber

1x 8Pcabled

1x DJI FPV cabled

1x LED4Pcabled

1x receiver 4Pcabled

1x DJI O3 Air Unit 3-in-1 Cable

1x Instructions

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