NewBeeDrone Mosquito XL - 65mm Propeller Whoop Frame Miskito

Designed to drop-in your existing whoop electronics, the Mosquito XL transforms your whoop into an outdoor nano beast!

With 65mm props the Mosquito flies like a 3 inch toothpick but at a lighter weight and smaller form factor. 

We recommend using the BeeBrain BLV3 AIO and Gold 0802 18000KV motors with 1s batteries. While designing the Mosquito XL, we found that the 0802 motors provide plenty of power while keeping the weight low.

Note: The frame does not accept the mounting of larger motors. If your existing whoop motors have wires that are too short, solder on the included motor wires. When doing so, check that the solder joints are not coming into contact with the carbon fiber frame.


    • Carbon Weight: 7.5g
    • Carbon Fiber Thickness: 2.5mm
    • Carbon + Battery Mounting Weight: 8.0g
    • Motor to Motor Diagonal Distance: 104mm


    • 1x Mosquito Frame 
    • 1x 1s Battery Mount
    • 1x 2s Battery Mount
    • 6x Rubber Bands
    • 14x M1.4 4mm Screws 
    • 2x M2 6mm Screws
    • 4x M2 9mm Screws
    • 5x M2 Flight Controller Grommets
    • 1x Motor Wire Extensions 

    Recommended Build

    (AcroBee65 BLV3 Drop-In) 1102Motor 1S

    (AcroBee65 BLV3 Drop-In) 1102Motor 2S


    Alternative FPV Gear

    Compatible with the Following

    Standard Brushless Whoop FC:


    65mm Propellers:

    300 Gold Battery:


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    John Smythe
    Thick boi

    Frame is nice, same design as classic mosquito that allows bottom facing usb access. I agree with WynnFPV’s review that the tabs on front and back are overkill and could be cut down to wedges and motors could use a little protection on the arm ends. Also could make a 1mm or .5 mm thinner version and better battery band option. Overall very happy with the design and secure fc mounting. As always beebrain canopy & ant lite camera for the win.

    Daniel Navarro
    My favorite whoop

    This guy is a beast outside. Super fun to fly & durable. Swapped over everything from one of my 65mm Acrobee BLs, threw on a set of bi-blade props, & swapped out the battery lead with a 2S solid pin lead.

    Awesome just awesome

    Happymodel Crazybee X
    18k NBD Golds
    Caddx ant lite nano
    Goober Canopy
    LIttle E6000 Glue
    1s 450-560 GNB's

    Freaking Rips.

    Sam S.
    Hurry up and make more, NBD!

    I ventured outdoors last year and this is my perfect rig frame. My build includes larger batteries and a DVR board. I design and print some parts. It flies like butter and sounds like a mosquito! As mentioned it is really quite with the 65mm props. That also means efficient and I am getting very long flight times. Pure Bliss!

    Fly’s Great!!!

    I bought this frame for the components I have in my Mobula 7. Initially I set it up for 2S which had a huge amount of power. Then I wanted to try it on 1S and the performance was really good. I’m flying the 40mm Azi props which spool up fast and have good thrust when you need it. I highly recommend this frame for anyone wanting to try ductless micro. The ease of being able to take it anywhere and fly is what appeals to me with this size micro. Is very quiet as well and you barely hear it at a distance. Get one, you won’t be sorry.