NewBeeDrone x Team BlackSheep BeeBrain BLV4 Built in Crossfire Rx


We would like to remind you that our flight controller product is designed to work with our own product line. While we have taken every possible measure to ensure the quality and compatibility of our product line, using third party components may result in incompatibility or improper functioning of the product. such as Camere with different voltage signal will mass up the OSD function, frame from other company that is not fitting well with our FC, Motor plug are not compatible with the JST1.0 on the FC. etc. 

We strongly recommend that you verify the compatibility and functioning before any soldering or modification. 

Please be aware, drone flight controller will break due to crash, any physical damage or crash will have posibility to destory the hardware. This is also not cover by our warranty.  If you find that the product is Dead On Arrival (DOA), we will replace it for you free of charge.

However, we cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise due to modifications made to the product or the use 3rd party components. In such cases, we will not be able to provide support or warranty coverage. 

Thank you for your understanding and for choosing our product. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

This product is designed mainly to be a replacement part for the NewBeeDrone x Team BlackSheep AcroBee65 BLV4 Crossfire. 

BeeBrain BLV4 CRSF Spec:

MCU: STM32F411
VTX: Switchable output power from 5mw- 25mw(for Racing) - SmartMAX(SmartMax up to 400mw)  with BeeTX 5.8Ghz Antenna
ESC: 12A BLHeliS Pre-Flash with Bluejay 0.18 target: S-H-40 48kHz
ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
OSD: NBD7456 Graphical OSD compatible with Betaflight OSD
Receiver: Crossfire Nano receiver with MINIMORTAL T ANTENNA
Flight Controller Weight: 6.5g(Include antennas and battery connector)
Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions: 29x29x7.6mm
Flight Controller Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
Battery input: 1S
Uart2: Crossfire Nano receiver 

Power Connector: NBD-PH2.0 connector


    • 1 x BeeBrain BLV4 CRSF Flight Controller
    • 4 x Grommet
    • 4 x Screw
    • 1 x MINIMORTAL T Antenna
    • 1 x VTX Antenna

1. BeeBrain BLV4 CRSF Betaflight 4.4  firmware 

All New firmware can be found on our Github Page

All firmware can be found on our Github Page

Wire Diagram:
BeeBrainBLV4 CRSF Flight Controller Wire Diagram Top
BeeBrainBLV4 CRSF Flight Controller Wire Diagram Bottom


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chad Morris
AIO with CRSF ... love it

Thank you for making a fight controller with internal crossfire!
Helps reduce weight giving me longer flights.

The one and only “Stogie”
Perfect for Tango 2 users!

Great little AIO, saves Tango 2 users the hassle of a module bay & ELRS unit (plus all the foolishness that goes along with ELRS management). Thank you NBD!

Dakota Smith
Solid little Drone

I even upgraded mine with Hypertrain BB's and 2 blade props. WAY more power and still 4ish min flight time.

Shawn Olson
Shipped on time good customer service.

The arrival of this BLV4 was as promised. It showed up…looks like -un blemished. Haven’t installed yet.

Paulie Shortcuts
Mobula7 (75mm) fixed!

Broke my Mob7 FC and replaced it with this. I Used the tuning from happy model, and honestly it wasn’t the same-until I flashed bluejay, and now it floats and is very responsive-I even changed the melody to rick roll 🎵 on battery plugin. Very enjoyable flight, I just wish they had standard connectors for more experimentation without soldering or buying their products.