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    Now with Crossfire + BeeBrainBL V1 100mw VTX so you can go long range!

    Are you ready for the ultimate lightweight 3" build? Introducing the NewBeeDrone SavageBee!! A lightweight setup designed to work with our brushless whoop FCs that will blow your mind. 



    • The 3D printed battery mount only fits Nitro Nectar Gold 300 mAh batteries
    • For 2s, you will need to purchase a Y-cable if you plan to use two 1s batteries
    • 11420KV motors are intended for 1S only

    Recommended 1s Batteries:

    Recommended 2s Batteries:

    3D Print Battery Mount:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Great fun,, the first few flights have been squirrelee as hell haha

    If crashed hard a couple times and of course repairs are part of the hobby. Canopy broke and cut one of the motor wires. Bent a couple props, haha Great for learning the software too. I've lost one of the rx antenna, can u guys send me a new one, haha. Really cool tho


    Drone never flew out of the box, would arm and then disarm immediately. NBD customer support is lacking, as usual, blaming the customer, slow response, etc. so now I have a $150 paperweight.

    Crossfire a must

    If you go with beeceiver option your foolish and it’s not flyable for a bit cause beeceiver is crap and binding is headache I gave up and thru csfr into it. Another third party Frsky rx that doesn’t function. Don’t like the full size immortal weight but nano immortal coming soon. Glad went 2s route, still enjoyable on 1S but fast on 2S. Don’t buy the y cable from NBD the dual 1S jst plug from emax tinyhawk 2 race is best. Oh you’ll want to change the canopy, it’s fast enough for flight with higher camera angle than the fixed position goober canopy. Was a plus had choice of spare cams to upgrade that as well.

    T.Tickles FPV
    Absolutely love my little ripper!!

    This is my second savage bee. Lost the first one in a giant tree. Pretty powerful if you're transitioning from a tiny whoop. Can take an absolute beating. Smashed in into some metal poles and bent the motor up but it bent back into place easily enough and was back in the air before no time at all. My favorite thing about it is how zippy it is. Keeps up to a full size rc buggy and is such a silent flyer it makes my 5 inch sound like the sky is falling. Me and my bro both have 1 and run packs all day at the park and have a blast. Highly suggested.

    Scott Truman
    Great Drone but hard to setup **update** was hard to get it flying but it's moved to my #1 playscape flyer. After replacing the Beeceiver and upgrading the vtx antennae, it's a smooth and nimble drone. Flys longer than some of my whoops on 1s and is easily the fastest on 2s. Very agile and easy to fly through tight spaces such as playscape and tree branches. It's a good little drone after some work.

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