NewBeeDrone StingerBee HD O3 3inch Kit with GPS under 250grams 

Take your aerial experience to new heights with the NewBeeDrone StingerBee HD O3 3inch BNF (Bind-and-Fly) drone, meticulously crafted for the modern pilot. Equipped with the cutting-edge InfinityAIO255 flight controller and an array of impressive features, the StingerBee HD O3 is an impeccable fusion of technology and performance, designed to elevate your flying and filming adventures.

Regulatory Freedom: Soar through the skies without the constraints of FCC registration; with the Tattu 550mAh 4S battery together it total weights 238grams, the StingerBee O3 ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on the flight, not the paperwork.

State-of-the-Art Flight Controller: At the heart of this nimble flyer is the InfinityAIO255 flight controller, integrating an F7 MCU for swift processing, a robust 45A BLHeli32 ESC for reliable power distribution, and an MPU6000 Gyro for stable, smooth maneuvers.

Advanced Navigation: Embark on journeys with confidence as the NewBeeDrone M10Q GPS module provides sophisticated GPS features, including a reliable return-to-home function and failsafe measures, keeping your drone safe and under control.

Expert Tuning for Peak Performance: Each StingerBee HD O3 BNF drone undergoes rigorous tuning using blackbox data, resulting in an optimized PID that translates to exceptional handling and flight characteristics personalized by the NewBeeDrone team.

Efficient Propulsion: Experience the synergy of the 1404 4000kv motors paired with Gemfan3020 3-inch tri-blade propellers, designed for both raw power and graceful agility, ensuring a flight as exhilarating as it is smooth.

Professional-Grade Videography: With the DJI O3 camera system professionally tuned by NewBeeDrone, expect nothing less than superior video capture quality. Record crisp, clear footage with ease, foregoing the need for bulky external cameras.

Compact Powerhouse: Do not let its size deceive you; this compact drone packs a mighty punch, providing the power you need in a form factor that's easy to take anywhere.

InfinityAIO255 Flight Controller Specifications:

  • MCU: STM32F745VEH6
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • Blackbox:128MB
  • 6-Pin DJI FPV Air Unit Connector
  • Micro USB Connector
  • UART1 - SBUS on DJI Connector (RX only)
  • UART2 - DJI Connector
  • UART3 – Free
  • UART5 – ESC
  • UART7 - Free
  • UART8 - Free
  • 4x SMT32G071 AM32 ESC MCU (After Jun 10 2024)
  • Continous Current 45A and 55A Burst ESC
  • 3-6S Battery Input
  • 12V 3A 30W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
  • 37x32mm with 25.5x25.5 Mounting Holes
  • Weight: 10.2gr. without grommets
  • Betaflight OSD support Analog build
  • I2C_SCL I2C_SDA Ready
  • Buzzer Ready
  • LED Ready
  • 5V 3A Power supply for external LED or GPS module

Drone Specification:


1x StingerBee 3inch frame
1x Infinity 255 AIO 45A Flight Controller
4x 1404 Flow Motor 4000kv
8x Gemfan 3020 3inch tri-blade propellers
4x motor wire protector
1x M10Q Micro GPS Module with Compass

This kit doesn't comes with DJI O3 system. Require to install DJI O3 system.

3D Printed File : Link

The NewBeeDrone StingerBee HD 3inch kit with GPS is more than a drone; it's a testament to the blend of high-tech engineering and passion for flight, ready to accompany you on every adventure and capture every moment with elegance and power.



StingerBee HD O3
StingerBee HD O3 236.9g
StingerBee HD O3 SUB250
StingerBee HD O3 Infinity 255 aio limitless
StingerBee HD DJI O3
StingerBee HD O3 flow 1404 4000kv motor
StingerBee HD O3 AIRMAX arm protector



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