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BeeBrain FrSky Version 1.2 Changes

We have made some improvements to the FrSky version of our board. The bind button now has two functions, to both bind to your Taranis and to also put the board in Bootloader mode for easier flashing and recovery.

How can you tell if your board is V1.2? We started shipping them the first week of January 2017, and the easiest way to tell is that the new board will have bigger and sturdier motor ports:


Here are the new functions on the V1.2 board:
  • Hold while powering up - goes into Bootloader mode and can be flashed with new firmware
  • Press for 1 second after powering up - goes into bind mode to be bound with the FrSky Taranis

Please note that this is different behavior from the V1 FrSky boards, where you would hold the button down while powering up to go into bind mode.

Please see this short video we made of the new V1.2 process:

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  • Jackson Cwach on

    Received one of the new 1.2 Bee Brains and I must say it couldn’t be easier. After about 2 seconds of fiddling with the bind button it was bound to my controller and my Tiny Whoop is flying better than ever!

  • Rodney W. on

    I love the bee brain. Got the tiny whoop and the bee brain took it form good to awesome. Max and the guys are great to deal with. Highly recommended.

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